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We take pride in offering food products that are not only tasty and of high quality, but also demonstrably safe. We are transparent about our products and innovate to offer consumers better food choices without compromising on taste.

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About Us
Sustainably Nutritious & Plant Based
Belgian Potatoes to The World
Bel Epi
Authentic Artisanal Bakery Products
The World's Most Perfect Waffle
Frozen Wonders
Uniquely Crafted Artisan Gelato & Sorbet
Martin's Famous Potato Rolls and Bread
The No. 1 Branded Potato Roll in the US
Pastries & Sweet Treats to Delight You
Brioche King
Buttery Brioche Fit for Kings & Queens
Mission Foods
Fresh & Authentic Mexican Food Products
California Select Farms
Real California Milk Dairy Ingredients
Sunflour Tokachi
Japanese Dessert & Sweet Confection
katz Gluten Free
Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free Baked Goods
Wicked Bagels
Unapologetically New York Wickedly Good!
Meat Zero
Innovative Plant-based Products
Sustainably Vegan Plant Based Drinks
The UK's Number One Bakery Brand
Happy Barn
Milk from the Cleanest Polish Meadows
Poland's Favourite Dairy Brand
Anew Foods
Plant-based Equals Happy Taste
La Rose Noire Retail and Cash & Carry
Packaged Desserts for Retail Consumers

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Explore pastry, bakery, iced confection and plant-based products from around the world with our portfolio of distinguished brands. Bring new flavours, scents and textures into your kitchen.

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